No free leases

Nicoson Dave Dave.Nicoson at
Fri Sep 1 19:15:31 UTC 2006

I see now.  Theo is right on.  

You don't have any dynamic pool defined for the network.
There are no leases available on that network.  I assume when you plug
it into eth1, it gets the correct address.  Right?

What address do you want to give this host when it connects to this
other interface?  Perhaps you want to add in a range statement.


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Hi Theo,

I see your point of view now, but it doesnot make any sense, the log 
says that:

Sep  1 16:54:20 gerenciador dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:13:90:00:f2:0f 
via eth2: network 192.168.21/24: no free leases

But the dhcpd.conf for this macaddress is configured to:
subnet netmask

Why it is saying that there are no free leases for a subnet diferent 
that is configured?

Marcos Iuato

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