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Feels much better now ;)

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Re: How many fixed address ?

At 15:03 +0200 8/9/2006 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I am going to implement a dhcp server with a large number of clients.
> Maybe up to 5-6000.
> That I want to do is to use fixed addresses to mac. Like below...
> host cd-i3m0010 {hardware ethernet 00:02:61:03:78:0a;fixed-address
>;}# M110K443R2A0-0000163674
> host cd-i3m0011 {hardware ethernet 00:02:61:03:77:4a;fixed-address
>;}# M110K443R2A0-0000163605
> host cd-i3m0012 {hardware ethernet 00:02:61:03:77:d4;fixed-address
>;}# M110K443R2A0-0000163708
> How many static mac-entries can I use with isc dhcpd server v3 ?
I use dhcpd 3.0.1 with about 6000 static host entries. Works like a charm.

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