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I don't think I will reach any limit there ;)

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Ärende: Re: How many fixed address ?

We are running isc with over 200,000 static host entries. It works
like a charm and is the system that we have had the least problems
with (no problems that I can recall in the past 6 years at least).

cat dhcpd.conf | grep fixed-address | wc -l


Not boasting for us, but for isc! Great dhcp, great mailing list.

On 9/8/06, Bruce Hudson <Bruce.Hudson at> wrote:
> > How many static mac-entries can I use with isc dhcpd server v3 ?
>     There is effectively no limit on the number of static host entries.
> We are currently running over 16.000 in our main DHCP server. The size
> of the running image is under 3M and the process can be restarted to
> reparse the configuration in less than a second.
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