Configuration question..

B. Cook bcook at
Tue Sep 12 13:30:18 UTC 2006


I have been running isc-dhcp3-server from the FreeBSD ports collection 
for a number of years..

and have always edited the file by hand with vi.. a colleague of mine 
says that he used 'webmin' to look at his dhcpd config and it was 
interesting.. and he wanted to see what our config looked like via 
webmin (he is not a fan of the command line..)

So we installed webmin from ports and went to the dhcpd module and 
looked at our config (I keep backups in rcs so I was ready if it was 
going to reformat it)..

The webmin gui doesn't show us the defined hosts we have, and we can't 
figure out where/how to add them.. so I started to think that somehow 
our config is incorrect..

We use pools and subnets, as well as a dhcp-relay on the router to get 
the 10.0.0.x network over to our dhcp server on a 192.168.1.y

We use hosts in pools, b/c I have one setup for unknown clients and one 
for known clients.. and well, in the pools I can't see the defined hosts 
that we have in the webmin gui.

So I was wondering if someone could look at my working config, and tell 
me if there is something wrong with it.. it works and does what it 
should, but are we doing it wrong and it just happens to work?

What we do is define 'known hosts' by putting in their MAC addresses 
into the pool setting so that they will get an IP from the pool..

I am open to criticism.. of how the config is setup ;)

Thanks in advance,

- Brian

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