intermittent incorrect result for option domain-name-servers

Randy Grimshaw rgrimsha at
Thu Sep 14 17:14:50 UTC 2006

Greetings helpful dhcp community! :)

in our configuration each subnet gets a domain-name-servers option
because not all subnets are treated the same,
and then later we group known hosts - sometimes giving them a different
list of dns servers. This generally overrides the subnet.

we have been doing this for some time now... but in the past couple
days an admin has been seeing systems pickup
the subnet defined servers instead of the group defined servers at
first boot.

has anyone else seen this? I am at a loss to explain or correct this.

subnet netmask {
   pool ...
   option domain-name-servers,;
group {       # an active directory group
   option domain-name-servers,;
   host ...

Thank you for any insight you can lend.


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