Relay agents, NAT, and offers to giaddr

Chris De Young chd at
Thu Sep 14 23:57:35 UTC 2006

>> My questions is: is the server *required* to send the offer back to
>> the address in giaddr
> Yes
>> (in which case this architecture is
>> fundamentally flawed?)
> It is
Thanks - as I thought, but I wanted to confirm it.

> You can do several things to work around this.
> 1) Add sufficient routing table entries to make the private addresses 
> routable (bypassing NAT) between the server and the other network.

Technically possible, but we're not going to do that; I'm not really inclined to
spread the private address space everywhere.  I think they'll need to buy an
inexpensive linux box and run their own DHCP server instance for this
application within the scope of their 10.* network.


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