The Function body can't be found in the DHCP ,please help me to solve the puzzle!

周景 zjzn at
Fri Sep 15 03:43:25 UTC 2006

Hi dhcp-users!
       I am the rookie in the network programing, I want to porting the dhcp relay on my device, so I download the dhcpd 3.0.4 and read the code of it. But I found that some functions don't have the body,I don't know how it works. I search for libc and linux,and read the makefile of the dhcp ,but still don't find anything about it.Please help me to solve this puzzle.Thanks! 

		The functions list below:(can't find how it works in the dhcp code )
		The type isc_result_t is not typedef.(I think it is the int .)



 Mike Zhou

    zjzn at


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