simulating dhcp requests?

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Will the tool be updated for IPV6?

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Re: simulating dhcp requests?

Ricardo Stella wrote:

>Jiann-Ming Su wrote:
>>Is there a way to use dhclient to simulate a bunch of dhcp requests?
>>I'm trying to do a load test on our dhcp configuration.  But, dhclient
>>want to bind to an existing interface.  The other way I've briefly
>>considered is to generate the dhcprequest through the existing
>>interface and using linux netfilter to spoof random MAC addresses.
>>Thanks for any tips.
>You could try to script around using dhcping
>(, feeding it random MAC
>My .02...

Or try our "dhcptool". Similar to dhcping but you can generate more 
arbitrary DHCP packets
with it. Released as open source.


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