reserved leases

Ray Phillips r.phillips at
Sat Sep 16 07:32:51 UTC 2006

With dhcpd 3.0.x when I wanted a particular device, foo, to always be 
assigned a certain IP number and still participate in ddns, I defined 
a class for just that device and created a pool for it which had just 
one IP number.  An 'allow members of' statement in this pool along 
'deny members of' statements in all other pools kept foo where I 
wanted it.

As I understand it this wouldn't work with failover since pools need 
to have at least two IP numbers so each peer can be responsible to 
half the pool?

Is it possible to use 3.1.0's reserved lease feature to replace this 
scheme?  The man page seems to say a client can only have a reserved 
lease if it requests an infinite lease, or if it OMAPI is used to 
configure it.  Can a lease only be reserved once it's been allocated, 
in which case it's not possible to specify in advance which IP number 
a client with a reserved lease will get?

What's the syntax for using OMAPI to reserve a lease?


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