w2k 'excluderange' analog?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 22:31:39 UTC 2006

Aaron Bennett wrote:

>Many thanks to all who responded to my first post about this win2k ->
>isc tool I'm working on.  The next task at hand is dealing with Windows
>DHCP excluderanges.  Win2k DHCP allows you to exclude ranges in the
>middle of scopes; multiple ranges inside each scope are possible.  So
>you can have "range" with
>> excluded from the middle of it.  Looking
>through "The DHCP Handbook" I find no corresponding concept in isc dhcp,
>so to achieve my above example you'd need:
>Am I correct here?

Yes, but of course you have to remember that many Windows admins use 
excluded ranges to work around that other brain dead feature - you 
can't edit a scope once defined. So to avoid the hassle of deleting a 
scope (together with everything configured in it) and recreating it, 
I gather it's common to define a scope covering all addresses in the 
subnet and then use excluded ranges to limit the addresses to what 
you want for now.

With the ISC server you have no such constraints.

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