Jim Pazarena paz at qcislands.net
Sun Sep 24 20:04:53 UTC 2006

I set up a relay agent for one of my internet communities so as to
centralize my dhcp assignments. Previously I had a small computer
in that community running a stand alone dhcpd server.

Since I set the relay agent up, all of my customers renew every ten minutes.

I have in my dhcpd conf the following lines:

min-lease-time 43200; # 12 hour
max-lease-time 86400; # 1 day
default-lease-time 86400; # 1 day

but still this community of users renews every 10 minutes.

the communication goes out from one Telco cisco router into the Telco
network and back to my main server via a Telco cisco router.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Jim

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