Assignment of IP adddress based on vendor MAC address

HAWKER, Dan dan.hawker at
Mon Sep 25 09:44:25 UTC 2006

> Maybe related to this problem ( post ) ;
> I'm trying to get the chaddr from the client dhcp DISCOVER 
> message to compare to a set of existing hardware subclass's , 
> but the field is empty.
> 'chaddr'   client's hardware
> Sep 24 05:59:05 pow dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:11:e3:54:a4:b9 via
> work home: no free leases
> Sep 24 05:59:05 pow dhcpd: Lease for 1:0:11:e3:54:a4:11
> Sep 24 05:59:05 pow dhcpd: 0:11:e3:54:a4:11
> I only can return this value after a DHCPACK .
> Thank you for any help, or tips in advance.

Create a class and then allocate that class to a pool. I use this to
allocate a specific pool of addresses to VMware virtual machines ppl use on
their desktops.

## salient sections ##

Class "vmware" {
	match if substring (hardware, 1, 3) = 00:0c;29;

(I also add extra arguments to my vmware class, ie domain name, hostname,

Pool {
	allow members of "vmware";

## End ##

If you have other pools, remember to add a deny to stop your members gaining
an IP from the wrong pool.
The class can be much tighter than this, however for vendor specific pools
(like this one) this works as designed as the first 3 octets of a MAC
address are vendor specific.




Dan Hawker
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