multiple tftp servers

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Sep 26 21:02:46 UTC 2006

Eric Helm wrote:

>Is it possible to have multiple option tftp-server-name or next-server
>for a single pool? I have a need to specify redundant tftp servers for
>booting the clients. If the first server is down, use the second.

No, the server field is defined to be a single address/path.

The only thing I can think of might be to use failover, have each 
server give out it's own address as the TFTP server, and run some 
sort of monitoring that turns off the dhcp service if the tftp 
service is down. Actually, the tftp servers don't have to be on the 
same boxes as the dhcp servers as long as you can tie together "no 
tftp server' = "no dhcp server offering it as a boot server".

You could probably manage something similar with DNS. The client is 
booting so will not have a cache of recent requests - so if you can 
arrange for the dns to only resolve a fqdn to addresse(s) with 
working tftp servers it would also achieve what you want.

Otherwise, you'll have to look as some form of high-availability stuff.

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