example config for "automatic allocation"?

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 29 05:05:11 UTC 2006

According to RFC 2131 there are three different
possible methods of IP address allocation.
One of them, "automatic allocation": assigning a
permanent address to every client the first time, is
exactly what I want. 

But I'm having an awful time configuring my DHCP
daemon to actually do it. Can somebody point me to an
example configuration for "automatic allocation" (not
the usual "dynamic allocation")?


(Quote from RFC 2131: "DHCP supports three mechanisms
for IP address allocation. In "automatic allocation",
DHCP assigns a permanent IP address to a client. In
"dynamic allocation", DHCP assigns an IP address to a
client for a limited period of time (or until the
client explicitly relinquishes the address). In
"manual allocation", a client's IP address is assigned
by the network administrator, and DHCP is used simply
to convey the assigned address to the client. A
particular network will use one or more of these
mechanisms, depending on the policies of the network administrator.")

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