DHCP Core file

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 3 14:24:33 UTC 2007

ashok singh wrote:

>I got a dhcpd core file and multiple dhcpd.leases were present in 
>the lease file directory after the core was generated. I am using 
>ISC DHCP 3.0.3. Is this a known issue for 3.0.3 ? If yes, was this 
>fixed in any of the later releases?
>Here is 'ls' output of my lease file directory.
>etc2 # ls
>			 dhcpd.leases.1175197175  dhcpd.leases.1175197273
>dhcpd.leases             dhcpd.leases.1175197176  dhcpd.leases.1175197274


>dhcpd.leases.1175197162  dhcpd.leases.1175197260  dhcpd.leases~
>dhcpd.leases.1175197163  dhcpd.leases.1175197261 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197164  dhcpd.leases.1175197262 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197165  dhcpd.leases.1175197263 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197166  dhcpd.leases.1175197264 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197167  dhcpd.leases.1175197265 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197168  dhcpd.leases.1175197266 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197169  dhcpd.leases.1175197267 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197170  dhcpd.leases.1175197268 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197171  dhcpd.leases.1175197269 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197172  dhcpd.leases.1175197270 
>dhcpd.leases.1175197173  dhcpd.leases.1175197271
>dhcpd.leases.1175197174  dhcpd.leases.1175197272

Who's build are you using ? I've never seen anything but dhcpd.leases 
and dhcpd.leases~ so I rather suspect that those other files are due 
to a distribution specific modification.

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