"Connection rejected, time mismatch too great" ??

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Wed Apr 4 13:08:30 UTC 2007

verify your NTP servers are working properly;
verify that your client machines are able to get (and set) their time 
correctly from the NTP servers.

that said, I avoid this by running NTP locally on my DHCP servers and 
pointing them to the same master NTP server in my domain and would suggest 
you do the same. Check ntp.org for more info on using NTP.

a bell is a cup...until it is struck.

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>I got this in my failover setup:
> Failover CONNECT to dhcp-failover rejected: Connection rejected, time
> mismatch too great.
> I tried to sync the clock by running the xntp process in both machines
> without success. Any Idea of how to solve this.
> in addition, What is the distance between the two servers. We have a setup
> in which the primary server in one city and the secondary in another city?
> Please advise on that.
> Greatly appreciated.
> Abu Abdullah

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