Nesting Quotes; Nothing Works so far.

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Apr 11 21:51:29 UTC 2007

It looks like this message originally got partly eaten by the
mime monster.

	While using omshell to create group declarations,
everything goes fine until it is time to use double quotes such
as referring to a file name.  In a dhcpd.conf group declaration,
one can have something like:

group {
filename "saa001.cnf" ;

	To put this in to omshell syntax, one runs in to the
fact that the whole statements expression is in quotes as in
the following non-functional example:

 set statements = "filename \"saa001.cnf\" ;next-server;\""

	Is there an escape sequence that lets one put the file
names in quotes as they are in dhcpd.conf statements?

	So far, all my syntax experiments to get around this
problem either cause dhcpd to dump core or confuse omshell.


Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
Systems Engineer
OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group

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