subnet-specific class

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Apr 12 00:52:25 UTC 2007

Chuck Anderson writes:
> I would like to hand out different options to a class of devices,
> depending on what subnet they are in.

	You may find something you can use in the dhcp-eval man
page.  There are lots of testable states described there and one
caught my attention.  I haven't tried to use it, but it may be
what you are looking for.

>       leased-address
>	 In  any context where the client whose request is being processed has
>	 been assigned an IP address, this data  expression  returns  that  IP
>	 address.  In any context where the client whose request is being pro-
>	 cessed has not been assigned an ip address, if this  data  expression
>	 is found in executable statements executed on that client's behalf, a
>	 log message indicating  "there  is  no  lease	associated  with  this
>	 client"   is  syslogged  to  the  debug  level  (this	is  considered
>	 dhcpd.conf debugging information).

You may be able to use an if then clause to match the subnet of
the address and assign the parameters you want to assign to the
specific network.

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