Please Urgent: Failover problem

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Apr 12 10:50:22 UTC 2007

Abu Abdulla alhanbali wrote:

>To know exactly what the output should be I have run Solaris DHCP and it
>works fine and the output was the same with these additional options:
>Option 17: Root Path = "/tftpboot"
>Option 67: Bootfile name = "pppoe.vlt"
>Option 66: TFTP Server Name = ""
>Option 31: Perform Router Discover = Enabled
>So how can I add these options in ISC DHCP. The previous dhcpd.conf didn't
>work with me. In addition where can I know the option number if I know the
>option name.

17 = root-path
31 = router-discovery
66 = tftp-server-name
67 = bootfile-name

Looked up in the excellent book "The DHCP Handbook" by Ralph Droms 
and Ted Lemon. An appendix has tables for number->name (both ISC and 
Windows), and name->number.

I also assume that there will be a table somewhere in the source code.

>Morever I want to use failover server, will this work since in failover I
>should add "deny dynamic bootp clients".

I don't see any reason why not.

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