Please Urgent: Failover problem

Abu Abdulla alhanbali montaqa at
Sun Apr 15 09:56:07 UTC 2007

>>17 = root-path
>>31 = router-discovery
>>66 = tftp-server-name
>>67 = bootfile-name
>>Looked up in the excellent book "The DHCP Handbook" by Ralph Droms
>>and Ted Lemon. An appendix has tables for number->name (both ISC and
>>Windows), and name->number.
>>I also assume that there will be a table somewhere in the source code.
>>In the source distribution in common/tables.c is a structure listing the
>>names dhcpd uses and the option numbers:
>>struct option dhcp_options [256] = {
>>        { "pad", "",                                      &dhcp_universe,
0 },
>>        { "subnet-mask", "I",                        &dhcp_universe, 1 },
>>        { "time-offset", "l",                           &dhcp_universe, 2
>>        { "routers", "IA",                              &dhcp_universe, 3

First of all thanks so much Glenn & Simon. These info helps me a lot.
On the other hand I discovered that these options are not listed in the
DHCPOFFER packet although I put them in the dhcpd.conf due to not requesting
them in the DHCPDISCOVER. But the problem is that the CPE is using these
options although it didn't request them (How? I don't know. I will try to
program the CPEs to request them). Searching in the mailing list shows me
that there is a way to override this with (IIRC) dhcp-option-list but I
don't know how? I couldn't find this in dhcp-options or dhcpd.conf

Thanks in advanced.

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