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Mon Apr 16 08:24:21 UTC 2007

I have a ISC-DHCP Server v3.0.5 running on FreeBSD 6.2-p3 RELEASE, the
logical network map is:

DHCP-Server <---> Layer-2 Switch <---> Layer-2 Switch <---> Layer-2 Switch
<---> DHCP-Client.

My DHCP-Client sends a DHCPDISCOVER message and my DHCP-Server answers it
with a DHCPOFFER, that includes a IP Address of the Pool, but the
DHCP-Client do not send a DHCPREQUEST message, but other DHCPDISCOVER

What's wrong?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

Germán P. Santillán
Responsable Técnico
DESE Technologies S.L
Calle Innovación 21 - Polígono "Los Olivos"
28906 Getafe - Madrid - España
Teléfono: +34 (91) 601-0991
Fax: +34 (91) 683-8229
gsantillan at desetech.es

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