IP addresses on Discovers

Leger, Rita Rita.Leger at aliant.ca
Fri Apr 20 17:25:09 UTC 2007

We have been running ISC dhcp in a redundant failover configuration here
for the past 8 months with very good success. Up until now we have been
running with only one model of Set top box but we are now trying to
introduce a different model of STB. Our lease times are set to 24 hours.


Once the first model of STB receives its IP address it retains the same
IP address even on a reboot and an issue of another Discover regardless
of which DHCP server fulfills the request.  Now with the different model
STB once it receives its IP address it does not always retain the same
IP address on the next Discover.  If it receives its offer from the
original DHCP server that it originally first received the IP address
from, the DHCP server offers the same IP address again, but if the other
DHCP server fills the Discover it does not offer the same IP address
again, it issues a different address.  Is there any way to force both
servers to reissue the same IP address to a STB on a Discover?



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