search list (option 119)

Craig craig5 at
Wed Apr 25 01:31:02 UTC 2007

This may be a FAQ... my apologies if it is...

We have Linux, Mac and Windows clients. We are running ISC dhcpd 3.0.5.

We have multiple domains. We would like the search path to be sent via 
dhcp to the clients.

Right now, the following will work with Linux:
   option domain-name "";

This will set things properly:
$ grep search /etc/resolv.conf

But, windows does not like it. (I can send some data on this if needed.)

It looks like rfc 3397 is supposed to address this, but it also looks 
like this is only supported in 3.1.x.

If there a way to get search paths working on linux and windows (and 
mac?) using dhcpd 3.0.5? (Or any non-alpha version.)


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