search list (option 119)

Craig craig5 at
Wed Apr 25 19:42:26 UTC 2007

Niall O'Reilly wrote:
>     I wonder whether you really need the ongoing overhead of 
> administering
>     search lists, and dealing with the related confusion when something
>     goes wrong.
>     Is there a reason why your clients (humans or software) can't
>     be persuaded to use fully qualified domain names?  E-mail addresses
>     and URLs generally need FQDN already.  Abbreviated host names for
>     terminal access are easily configured using ssh (OSX, *ix) or PuTTY.
This was discussed. And I completely agree. At a previous job, different 
groups/depts had different search paths, which made debugging problems 
very confusing.

I started writing a long email explaining what was happening... but, I'm 
sure nobody really cares. :)  Simply said, there is no technical reason. 
It is simply a perceived convenience for the users.

RFC 3397 addresses this and it looks like there is support in the 3.1 
line (of the ISC server). So, it will be handled at some point. If we 
have to "deal with" FQDNs or with manually setting the search paths 
until then... that's fine IMHO. I just thought I'd check and see if 
there was something simple we could do in the interim.


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