dhcp support NSS file system?

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at inbox.com
Thu Aug 2 13:41:13 UTC 2007

>>  /media/nss/LOCALVOL/var/lib/dhcp/db/dhcpd.leases~: Invalid argument
>     I am not familiar with the NSS filesystem but, from the error above,
> I would suspect that a tilde is not valid character in a file name. You
> may have to hack the source to change the name of the backup lease file.
> It appears that the tilde is added to the lease in "server/db.c".
> --

I could touch a dhcpd.leases~ file so i guess there wont be problem in file name. But I think i have the got the clue. I was writing a apparmor profile for dhcp. There the wizard suggested "l"  for dhcpd.leases~ file  which is for hard link. So probably inside the code there is some place it is trying to make hard link for the leases. So i did a "ln dhcpd.leases dhcpd.leases~". It gives me the "Invalid argument" error. I guess thats the reason. Bruce thanks a lot for getting me the clue. I will find out why hard link was not able to create.I Will see the lease backup code. Thanks for all for the help. I will be back if i get some doubt. If anybody have some clue regarding the lease backup that would be a good start for me.

Thanks again,

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