No free leases after upgrade. help!

David Sotnick sotnickd-dhcp at
Mon Aug 6 18:56:35 UTC 2007


We just had a major 2-day planned outage and maintenance window here at
Pixar. Part of the upgrade included moving DHCP to a new box. I figured I
should also upgrade to a newer dhcp-server.

After moving from dhcp-server 3.0.1r5 to 3.0.5r2 I am seeing lots of 'no
free leases' messages.

I have checked and double-checked my config, and everything looks just
fine. The hosts are clearly defined, and I am allowing hosts to boot. Only
some hosts are exhibiting this behavior, mostly older Windows machines.

Are there any known bugs with 3.0.5r2 that match this description? I'm
going to try 3.0.6 to see if it's better...

Help! Please!

David Sotnick
Tech. Lead - Unix Infrastructure
Pixar Animation Studios
Emeryville, CA

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