3.1.0 failover and dynamic bootp clients

Jeff Wieland wieland at purdue.edu
Sat Aug 11 16:43:08 UTC 2007

Simon Hobson wrote:
> At 11:07 -0400 11/8/07, Jeff Wieland wrote:
>> So you need to disable dynamic bootp for any pools for which failover
>> is enabled.
> Support for dynamic bootp & failover added to v3.1.0, so this 
> statement is wrong. If the man pages for 3.1.0 still say that bootp 
> isn't supported on failover then they need correcting.

That's where I got it from.  Hmmm -- if that's supported now we'll
have to consider whether to change our configs.  It has never caused
us a problem to not support dynamic bootp.
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