Repeated discovers

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Aug 12 16:50:40 UTC 2007

Benjamin Wiechman wrote:

>Anyone have any ideas on what might cause this kind of behavior? This is
>from a Linksys router. This is just a small subset of the logs.

There are a number of possibilities for such behavior :

1) The offer doesn't make it out of the server (if other clients are 
OK then this is unlikely).

2) The offer doesn't make it through the network to the client - 
again, if other clients are OK then you can rule out problems in much 
of the network.

3) The offer is somehow not acceptable to the client (eg missing an 
option the client requires). Has this client worked before ? Has 
anything changed ?

4) The client is simply FUBAR ! Has it been rebooted ?

Does the client have any useful logging (I assume not as is usual 
with these budget routers) ? I suspect that best you can do is 
determine that the last router before the client is sending the 
packet to the client - but probably have nothing to look at on the 

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