no expiry time on offered lease.

Sebastian Reitenbach sebastia at
Wed Aug 15 13:30:07 UTC 2007

Hi list,

with dhclient i am unable to retrieve an IP address from a dynamic pool.
When I start, I see messages like this:

no expiry time on offered lease.
DHCPDISCOVER on eth1 ...

in my dhcpd.conf file the pool is defined this way:

pool {
        failover peer "dhcp-failover";
        deny dynamic bootp clients;
        max-lease-time 1800; # 30 minuten
        default-lease-time 1800; # 30 minuten

The DHCP server is configured in HA mode, as the secondary server, but the 
master node is down.

with dhcpcd-1.3.22p14-241 it is no problem to retrieve a IP address.

I tried to add a line to /etc/dhclient.conf:
send dhcp-lease-time 3600;
and also in the request section, with or without the dhcp-lease-time 
included, no difference.

when I change the IP to be hard wired to the MAC address instead of a 
dynamic pool like this:
        host cf_ttec {
                # hp thinclient cf-room
                filename "/pxelinux.0";
                hardware ethernet 00:0A:01:09:56:7A;

then the it is also not a problem to get an IP address. 

I have these versions running:
dhcp-server-3.0.5-9 on opensuse 10.2 x86_64 on the Server
dhcp-3.0.5-7 on opensuse 10.2 x86 on the Client

any hint what is wrong? the client or the server or me?

kind regards

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