Reserved leases through OMAPI or otherwise

gerd at gerd at
Wed Aug 22 21:01:53 UTC 2007


  I started playing with 3.1.0 and am trying to figure out how to setup the new
'reserved lease' feature.  The man page for dhcpd.conf states:

 Leases may be set ’reserved’ either through OMAPI, or  through  the 
´infinite-is-reserved’  configuration option (if this is applicable to your
environment and mixture of clients).

  ..however the man page for dhcpd states that for the lease object, the state
"free, active, etc, reserved" can't be modified.  So, I'm wondering how this is
actually accomplished (ie the syntax used).  Is this documented in one of the
man pages and I'm just not seeing it?


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