memory leaks OMAPI dhcpd 3.0.5

Paquet Daniel daniel.paquet at
Fri Aug 24 13:58:26 UTC 2007


  Ive been experiencing huge memory leaks with OMAPI. I am querying my DHCP server at every minutes via OMAPI to get the status of all of his 942 leases. The thing is that the memory usage of the dhcpd daemon goes up at avery query. And eventually he completely uses all the system available memory, and other processes call the kernel oom-killer then the kernel kills the dhcpd process.

  That's the big story. Anyone can experience this? I get this on both of my DHCP servers. They are both version 3.0.5 configured in failover with 942

  I am querying it with omcmd and php, I do a php loops that send a query for every ip that the DHCP servers has. In the past I used the dhcpd.leases file but I had some problems getting the last "real" active leases from a single client.

  So anyone have a better alternative or know if there is a fix for this OMAPI mem leaks? I was on the way to compile dhcpd 3.0.6, but I saw that there is no memory leaks fixed for the OMAPI so I didn't installed it.

Thanks, and geez I hope this list will modify my email address since im using this ... MS outlout web interface that dont have good options.

Daniel Paquet
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