PXE only Config [OT]

Daniel Wells daniel_wells at byu.edu
Mon Dec 3 17:22:48 UTC 2007

Thanks.  I'll start looking into that.

    - Daniel Wells

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Perhaps the option dhcp-parameter-request-list can be used to supply
only the options you are interested in? It is briefly mentioned in the
dhcp-options man page. eg

  option dhcp-parameter-request-list 15:17;

The numbers come from the table in server/stable.c in the source
distribution. I am not sure if other information is always sent, but
this might be a starting point for you.


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>I noticed I failed to respond to one piece of you email, "I did not realize
that the client asked for PXE information seperately."
>The PXE client does not make a separate requests to the PXE servers.  It makes
one request (a DCHP Discover), which can be received by multiple servers.  It
basically then listens for any responses.  It will continue to accept responses
from multiple servers until it receives responses to all of it requests
(options). So if your DHCP servers are configure to responds to only the IP
lease requests, the PXE client will continue to wait to see if anyone else will
send it its boot file information.  If it never receives its boot file info,
then it times out and fails.  If another server responds within a timely fashion
with the remainder of the options that it has requested, then it consumes those
options and the boot continues successfully.
>Does this answer your question?
>    - Daniel W.
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>"Leonhard Kurz" <LeoKurz at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I'm looking exactly for the same functionality, but for another
>> reason. I posted a request some time ago but didn't receive any
>> answer so far. I know most of the DTM tool can do this and
>> technically it shouldn't be a problem for the dhcp server. Perhaps a
>> "PXE proxy" functionality can be implemented in the next release.
>> Would be great for all this "add-on" deployment applications based on
>> PXElinux, tftp etc. to do scripted kickstart, autoyast, unattended
>> installations.
>> Cheers
>> __Leo
>I don't have a lot of experience in bureaucratic big shops, so it's
>been difficult to concieve of a situation where DHCP needed to be
>deployed seperately from PXE and what that would look like.
>It was my understanding that the dhcp client would request a lease,
>then the address and all other pertinent information would be sent to
>the client.  I did not realize that the client asked for PXE
>information seperately.
>If somebody spent a few scarce seconds setting me straight, I would
>certainly appreciate it.

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