PXE only Config [OT]

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Mon Dec 3 21:22:10 UTC 2007

> P.S. But, at first glance I believe this option is more relevant for the
> client request, not the server response.

    Normally you are correct, the client includes a parameter request list
in the REQUEST. However, some clients expect parameters they do not ask for
so it is possible to edit the list on the server.

    However, I am not sure this will help you. The "Client IP" is not an
option so it does not have an option number to be requested. Nor is the
"filename", although there is an option to over-ride that.

    Reading the PXE spec somebody posted earlier in this thread, PXE knows
three types of servers: DHCP, "proxy DHCP" (also known as a redirection
service?), and "Boot".  Despite the name and the fact that a "proxy DHCP"
server communicates via the DHCP protocol, it is not a DHCP server. The
spec specifically states that given two DHCP servers, the client must take
all options from one reply; which specifically forbids what you are trying
to do. 

    It appears to me that you are trying to configure the DHCP server to be
a PXE "proxy DHCP" server rather than a DHCP server. That is likely to be
more than a configuration option. Personally, I think the naming convention
in the PXE spec was unfortunately confusing.
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