Removing lease after a release

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On 7 Dec 2007, at 17:28, Jose Borges Ferreira wrote:

> Is it possible to remove all lease information after the server
> receive a DHCPRELEASE.
> The objective is to assign a different IP on the next request.

This is a recurring question.
Please read the list archives.

Please also read RFC 2131, section 1.6:

    The following list gives design goals specific to the  
transmission of
    the network layer parameters.  DHCP must:

         [ ... ]

       o Retain DHCP client configuration across server reboots, and,
         whenever possible, a DHCP client should be assigned the same
         configuration parameters despite restarts of the DHCP  

Further on, section 2.2 reads:

    [ ... ] The basic mechanism for
    the dynamic allocation of network addresses is simple: a client
    requests the use of an address for some period of time.  The
    allocation mechanism (the collection of DHCP servers) guarantees not
    to reallocate that address within the requested time and attempts to
    return the same network address each time the client requests an

Your objective is at cross purposes with the design goals and  
of DHCP.

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