DHCP Usages

Edward Mann ed.mann at edmann.com
Fri Dec 7 17:20:07 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

I am wanting to request information on the different enviroments that dhcp
and dns has been used. And if anyone has a location that is the size or
larger then mine.

We are looking at updating or systems, and some of the people in the group
want to use Windows dns/dhcp. Another co-worker and myself have been
pushing for the Linux option with ISC Bind9 and dhcp. But my boss wants to
know if there is anyone using this setup in an environment like ours.

We have about 2.5K workstations, we are going to be deploying VOIP phones,
and about 225 servers 1K printers, and wireless devices.. which i don't
know the full number.

We want to use DDNS and failover dhcp. Also has anyone broke the systems
into sub domains? The plan they have now is to leave everything in one
master domain. I think it should be broken into sub-domains. As an
administrator what do you feel are the pros/cons of doing it one way or
the other?

I wanted to get this from administrators that have deployed these systems.
I appreciate your time in reading my e-mail.


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