Problem with devices releasing and renewing leases too frequently

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Sun Dec 9 18:41:06 UTC 2007

This has been documented most often on Roger's network.,16717263



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Subject: Problem with devices releasing and renewing leases too frequently

I have a strange problem on a few cable networks that mainly involves Belkin
devices.  A cpe device with do a complete dhcp transaction
(discover/offer/request/ack) and then after it has accepted the addres it
will issue a dhcprelease and repeat the cycle.  The frequency of
is in the range of every 22 seconds for some devices.  here is a list (most
logs only span 24 hours) of the amount of releases along with the OUI's.

34252   00:17:3f:xx:xx:xx
13800   00:11:2f:xx:xx:xx
886     00:1b:24:xx:xx:xx
349     00:13:72:xx:xx:xx
349     00:0f:b0:xx:xx:xx
92      00:17:bc:xx:xx:xx
41      00:11:50:xx:xx:xx

Doing a firmware update on one router resolved this issue.  I was wondering
anyone else was seeing this.  We first noticed it while tailing the dhcplog
troubleshooting a different issue.  We saw a large amount of repeated
releases from the same mac address, and investigated further.

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