Passing option-209 to PXE client w/ ISC DHCPD 2.0pl5

Craig Johnston agspoon at
Mon Dec 10 16:44:44 UTC 2007

Does anyone remember if there is a way to coerce the ISC DHCPD version
2 (2.0pl5) to send options to a PXE client that does not explicitly
request them.  I can do this in version 3 of DHCPD via the
vendor-option-space mechanism, but this is not available in version 2
of the server (the version my network switch uses).

I want to be able to specify the PXE filename via option 209 (plus
option 208 to enable it).  I know how to set the option (option
option-209 "myfile";), but the server will not return these parameters
to the PXE client as they are not specifically requested.


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