dhcpd sending on the same IP it receives on

Scott Baker bakers at web-ster.com
Tue Dec 11 20:04:29 UTC 2007

My DHCP server has multiple ips on its primary NIC. For example:

eth0   =
eth0:0 =

I have my access equipment set to send DHCP relay to, but
when the DHCP server responds it sends the response packet out via
the address since that is the primary address on that NIC.
This causes my access equipment to drop the packet because the IP it
sent to, and got the response from do not match.

Is there way to tell the dhcpd daemon to send the packets outbound
using the same IP (interface) that it received the packet on?

The simple answer is to reverse the IPs so that is the
primary, but that's not really feasible since I have other services
that require that be the primary IP.

Scott Baker - Canby Telcom
RHCE - System Administrator - 503.266.8253

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