Vendor Encapsulated Options Bug?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Dec 11 21:20:02 UTC 2007

Jiann-Ming Su wrote:

>  > Using 3.0.4.  Trying to pass option 43 to Aruba APs.  Their doc
>>  suggests the following config:
>>    class "vendor-classes" {
>>      match option vendor-class-identifier;
>>    }
>>    option option43 code 43 = ip-address;
>>    subnet netmask {
>>          subclass "vendor-classes" "ArubaAP" {
>>                  option vendor-class-identifier "ArubaAP";
>>                  option option43;
>>          }
>>    }
>With the way I have this defined, option43 should only apply to
>ArubaAPs in the subnet, right?  The reason I ask is
>because we seem to be getting option43 leaked to ArubaAPs on other
>subnets.  I just want to verify this config should limit the option to
>the subnet it's defined in.  Thanks again for your insights.

I don't know in this case - I'm sure someone else does. But some 
things do NOT work like that, host statements are a notable one that 
come up very regularly and I wouldn't be surprised if 
classes/subclasses are the same.

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