OMAPI tool in JAVA available for free...

talamonso at talamonso at
Wed Dec 12 21:10:14 UTC 2007

Hereby I publish a tool as open source under the GPL3.

This tool is usefull to remote control the dhcpd server with the OMAPI protocol via a GUI Application.

Here you find an archive containing the complete source and a self running jar-archive (in the sub folder called "dist"):

Be carefull! Maybe it contains bugs. Let's say it's an alpha version ;)

I developed it in the early 2007 as a part of my diploma thesis for an IT service provider belonging to an insurance company (hello Uwe :) )

by the way: The jar is compiled a tested on Java 1.6 and Windows XP.

Don't hesitate to send a mail if want to spend money or for the case you've got any questions. But be aware: I habe no time (and no test-server) for the development!!!

Feeback to the group if you find the tool usefull would be very fine.

Best regards

PS: sorry for my english...

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