VLAN & DHCP server

Tim Peiffer peiffer at umn.edu
Thu Dec 13 12:40:53 UTC 2007

This is a frequently asked question that could have been researched 
before asking.   The first URI I would recommend is a search engine:  
http://www.google.com/search?q=isc+dhcp+server+vlan Lots of stuff comes up.

Configure your network adapter to support vlan operations.  Here too a 
search engine is useful

A useful article from the linux journals describe how to configure vlans 
on Debian using the vconfig.

Then you follow the normal server configurations from the dhcp server 
manuals.  The interfaces created by linux vlan config utility vconfig 
create regular interfaces.  There is nothing different about them from 
the perspective of the DHCP server.

    subnet netmask {
        option routers;
        option broadcast-address;
        [.... and so on.

Tim Peiffer
Networking and Telecommunications Services
University of Minnesota

Suhaime Raeze wrote:
> Hi...
> Im new at configuring dhcp server for vlan. I tried to find sources from the net and there are various ways which i admit is too complicated or i couldnt comprehend the instructions.
> I using the 3COM 5500G as the vlan switch  and intend to use one (1) linux server as the DHCP server for the whole network. The plan is that my organization should have 4 vlans and all the dhcp request should come from the dhcp server 
> Question is whats the step-by-step to implement this? Any help, guides, URl is appreacited
> Reagrds
> Suhaime
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