dhcp server not respoding with time server option

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Dec 13 17:34:36 UTC 2007

S Kalyanasundaram wrote:
>DHCP server does respond only with the requested option?
>In my dhcp configuration i have router and timerserver options. But when
>i do a dhcpdump it shows only option 3 [router] has been received. The
>dhcprequest sent by the client does not have option 4[timeserver] in its
>parameter request list anyway. Looks like dhcp server only responds with
>the requested options by the client.

Correct - the server only sends what it is asked for (plus a small 
number of standard ones like subnet mask and default gateway). The 
reasoning is that the configured options may well be larger than will 
fit in the limited packet size, and it's pointless sending things the 
client doesn't want (and probably wouldn't  know what to do with).

Ideally, fix the client.

If you can't do that, there is an option (whose name escapes me at 
the moment) to override the client supplied list and send a list of 
your choice.

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