failover problems ?

Martin Damberg admin2 at
Sat Dec 15 19:24:32 UTC 2007


Hope any one can me here :-)

We have run into a difficult problem with the failover function in ISC.
We use to run failover in the dhcp config, but because of problems with sync., server and etc. we removed all the failover 
from the config. The problem is now that we have about xxxx-number of IPaddresses in the leases files
that are all locked to "binding state backup". 

I know the right way Was to do the PARTNER-DOWN method, but is it still possible for us to use that function
without enabling failover, to get the addresses back ?!? I have thought about writing at script that can search/replace the leases 
file but im not happy with it, especially if it goes wrong :-(

The server i newst Debian, running ISC DHCP 3.0.4-13 stable

Hope some one out there can help me, we'r almost out of addresses .. hehe. Thanks ....

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