VLAN & DHCP server

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Tue Dec 18 11:08:47 UTC 2007

On 17 Dec 2007, at 10:42, Glenn Satchell wrote:

> So, with vlans, you can trunk all the vlans to the dhcp server, or you
> can connect the dhcp server to only one vlan and use the dhcp relay in
> the switch or router to forward the dhcp brodcasts.
> From a performance point of view there is not much difference between
> the two.

	I don't have experimental (or experiential, if that's a word)
	evidence either way, but some of my colleagues see an advantage
	in using relays as a means of preventing "storm damage".  Should
	anything "go bad" on one of the VLANs, and the DHCP server is
	present on all VLANs, service may be degraded everywhere.  OTOH,
	if just one relay is overwhelmed, the problem is not propagated
	to the other VLANs.

	You may wish to consider the failure modes available (sic!) in
	your cisrcumstances. YMMV.


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