dynamic-bootp statement in lease declaration

Carlos Vicente cvicente at network-services.uoregon.edu
Fri Dec 21 00:07:03 UTC 2007

Under what circumstances is the dynamic-bootp statement added to a lease

Looking at my production server, I see some leases that have it:

lease {
  starts 4 2007/12/20 23:54:10;
  ends 5 2007/12/21 01:54:10;
  cltt 4 2007/12/20 23:54:10;
  binding state active;
  next binding state free;
  hardware ethernet 00:19:b9:4a:48:c1;
  uid "\001\000\031\271JH\261";
  client-hostname "d62hzfd";

But testing in the lab, I have tried two different bootp clients (an old
HP hub and a Mac using BOOTP) and I do not see those statements in the
leases created:

lease {
  starts 4 2007/12/20 15:52:20;
  ends 4 2007/12/20 15:54:21;
  tstp 4 2007/12/20 15:54:21;
  cltt 4 2007/12/20 15:52:20;
  binding state released;
  next binding state free;
  hardware ethernet 00:1b:63:a1:98:09;

I am sure those clients are doing BOOTP and not DHCP because I have
captured the packets.

I am trying to identify all my active bootp clients, but it seems that
the flag above is not consistent.  Any ideas?


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