How to identify a pool by its code in the log?

Marina Markus mary at
Tue Dec 25 10:20:06 UTC 2007

Can anyone help please with deciphering a pool code appearing in free leases
entries in  DHCPD log file? We have multiple pools defined in a subnet, and
need to know which one is reporting.
For example, the following line : 
Dec 23 04:17:27 myserver dhcpd: pool 827b470 10.0.152/22 total 6  free 1
backup 0  lts 0
reports about 1 free lease left in a pool belonging to the subnet
Is there a way to identify a specific pool (out if several ones defined in
that subnet) by this code 827b470 ? 
Maybe there exists some other way (than reading the log file) to get a
summary of free leases per pool?
Thank you in advance!
Marina Markus
BGU Computation Center
mary at
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