Glitch compiling 4.0.0 final

Shane Kerr Shane_Kerr at
Thu Dec 27 09:30:52 UTC 2007

Daniel Johnson,

Daniel Johnson wrote:
> I've encountered a minor compile problem with DHCP v4.0.0.
> client/dhclient.c and server/dhcpd.c declare an "int local_family_set",
> but only use it if DHCPv6 support is being compiled in.  Warnings are
> being promoted to Errors, so if configured with --disable-dhcpv6 it
> does not compile.
> The simple fix was to enclose the variable declaration in
> "#ifdef DHCPv6" "#endif /* DHCPv6 */".
> This machine is Linux 2.4.21, Slackware 9, gcc 3.2.2

Thanks for the report - this is the fix we've merged in for 4.0.1.


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