Novell dhcp to isc dhcp script

Ryan McCain Ryan.McCain at
Fri Dec 28 15:40:41 UTC 2007

>> On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at  4:27 PM, in message
<1372. at>, "Edward
Mann" <ed.mann at> wrote: 
> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone know of a script that will convert a Novell dhcpd.conf file to
> the format that ISC dhcp will use?
> Thanks.

I think I remember reading about a year ago that you would be able to export your DHCP server configuration if you were up to OES v2 (Netware).  I'm not sure if this was ever implemented or not..  You might want to check the support newsgroups provided by Novell.

FWIW, when I converted from MS to DHCPD I had to manually re-type all 1000+ of our scopes into dhcpd.conf.


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