How does DHCPD determine what IP address to assign and...

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Dec 31 19:02:12 UTC 2007

Niall O'Reilly wrote:

>OTOH, I prefer to use only "deny" commands, and never "allow".  ISTR
>recent advice on the list from one of the regulars, recommending systematic
>use of either "allow" only or "deny" only throughout the configuration.

It's only an issue within the same pool - so having 'allow' in one 
pool and 'deny' in another pool is no problem.

The problem isn't that the server doesn't handle it, it's that the 
way a mix of allow and deny in the same pool interact - it is defined 
but non-obvious (and I can't recall how it works anyway !).

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