No Offer Sent by DHCP Relay

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Feb 6 07:41:56 UTC 2007

Josh wrote:
>I am having a problem getting dhcrelay to broadcast a DHCP offer from an
>upstream DHCP server to clients.  I am running DHCP 3.0.3.
>My network setup is as follows (for a picture representation, see
> )
>Clients that should pick up a 192.168.101.x address send a DHCP Discover
>broadcast which is picked up by a DHCP relay agent on (as
>eth0.)  This device has another interface (called tun_fv) with IP
>  The DHCP relay agent relays this to through
>the tun_fv interface

>Any help would be appreciated.  On a final note, when I start dhcrelay,
>I get this message in the system logging facility: "dhcrelay: tun_fv:
>unknown hardware address type 65534".

This came up a little while ago, except I think in that case it was a 
PPP interface. In it's current design, the relay agent does not work 
with interfaces that don't support a broadcast mode. Ethernet is 
fine, ppp (and I assume tun) interfaces aren't.

Do you have any other machine on the client network you could run the 
relay agent on ? It can be on any machine, not just a router.

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